NO MORE BURNED FINGERS: While other pots only leave you with scalded hands - Ecardy instapot steamer basket 6 quart has a silicone handle, ensuring you can lift the basket right out of the pot. Even when the food is hot, you don’t need any hand protection.


EASY TO REMOVE FOOD FROM THE POT: No more having to fish out food with tongs or spoons. The basket compatible with instant pot accessories 6 qt is lightweight which prevents drops and spills. The tightly wound mesh ensures all food stays firmly inside.


VERSATILE COOKING ACCESSORY: Use your 6qt steamer basket to steam potatoes, boiled eggs. Or cook bone broth and rice without having to pick any grains from the pot. Strain homemade yoghurt, cook spaghetti, or make homemade jam. Handy for meal prep as well!


KEEPS YOUR IP PRISTINE: The raised bottom doesn’t come into contact with the pot itself. Plus silicone feet mean it won’t scratch the steel lining of your pot. The instapot accessory 6 qt is designed to have enough clearance on the bottom for water.


FITS IN ALL PRESSURE COOKERS MODELS: The kitchen gadget comes in 3qt, 6qt or 8qt size. Compatible with instant pot steamer basket 6 quart for the IP-DUO60, Plus60, DUO80, ULTRA, IP Mini, LUX60 V3, or the Power Pressure Cooker XL.




Ecardy 6qt Steamer Basket Compatible with Instant Pot Accessories 6 qt [3qt 8qt available] - Compatible with Instant Pot Steamer Basket 6 quart - Steam Vegetables, Eggs - Fits Most Pressure Cookers

Take IP Cooking to The Next Level With the Ecardy 6qt Steamer Basket


Love your pressure cooker but find it difficult to cook certain dishes?

Like hard boiled eggs, steamed veggies or bone broth?

Now you can cook all these dishes without the hassle.


- The raised bottom of the compatible with instant pot steamer basket 6 quart gives enough room for water underneath, so steaming veggies is a breeze.


- Plus the rubberized feet ensure your pot doesn’t get scratched.


- The Ecardy compatible with instant pot accessories 6 qt handle allows you to remove it straight from the pot with your hands.


- Great for making stock and bone broth, just lift the ingredients right out and you’ll be left with delicious liquid.





Comes in 3 Sizes (3qt, 6qt, 8qt) and fits all IP models including:


 IP-DUO60

 Plus60

 DUO80


 IP Mini

 LUX60 V3,

 Power Pressure Cooker X


Buy with Confidence - Money Back Guarantee


The instapot accessory 6 qt is built to last, but if you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply return it to us within 30 days for a full refund.


So If You’re Ready To Experience Safer, Easier IP Cooking - Then Click “Add To Cart”! 








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